Imagine Charlie Parker, Nile Rodgers and Questlove meeting in 2054 on their way to Mars, trying to pitch a track for the new Daft Punk record.”

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About Us

Experience the electrifying fusion of jazz, rock, and electronic music with F.A.T.

This dynamic trio, composed of the party architects Disco Dicks and experimental virtuoso jazz saxophonist Joe Reinhuber, crafts an organic and energetic live setup that aims to create a modern fusion sound that resonates with the Saturday night party crowd as much as with the sophisticated Jazz enthusiast.

The Trio

Disco Dicks

Disco Dicks’ years of touring experience have honed their skill at laying down the foundation of the band with their pumping beats and gritty sound. With nothing but drums and an electric guitar, they take the audience on a collective adventure, tweaking modern club sounds to their beloved instrument of choice, keeping danceability at the heart of the journey.

Joe Reinhuber

Joe Reinhuber's virtuous and eclectic saxophone playing infuses the band with a smooth blend of brazilian latin and some modern new york jazz sounds. Having toured with major pop artists and having played in countless smokey jazz bars he found symmetry between strong hooks and the power of unbound improvisation.

The Mission

Together, the trio thrives on freedom and groove. Having found a dynamic way to blend contrary worlds in a playful and organic fashion, creating a sound that is truly wild and alive.